Rent A Toyota FAQs


Are you looking to rent a Toyota from McGee Toyota of Claremont but still have questions? Take a look below to find your answers! If you still have questions on renting your next Toyota from McGee Toyota of Claremont call us at 603-542-5181! Thank you for choosing to Rent a Toyota from McGee Toyota of Claremont! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is it to Rent a Toyota?
A. You can rent a Toyota by the hour for as low as $3.00 an hour. Our lowest daily rate is $55.00, weekend rate of $110.00 and weekly rate of $385.00. 

Q. Can I rent a vehicle from McGee Toyota of Claremont while my vehicle is in the shop?
A. Absolutely! We offer rentals for as little as one hour, so if your vehicle is getting serviced, you don't need to miss out on the day! Talk with your service scheduler when scheduling your appointment if you would like reserve a vehicle. 

Q. Why is there a $100 hold?
A. We require a $100 deposit to ensure the vehicle is returned in a timely manner and in the condition in which you received it. The hold will be released between 7-30 days after returning the vehicle, depending on the card type. For a specific time frame on the release, please contact your credit card company. 

Q. Can I rent a vehicle on a Saturday?
A. Yes! Our rentals are available to rent on a Saturday or return on a Saturday. 

Q. How old do I have to be to Rent a Toyota?
A. You must be 21 years or older to rent a Toyota from McGee Toyota of Claremont.

Q. Do I have to have car insurance to Rent a Toyota?
A. Yes. To rent a Toyota from McGee Toyota of Claremont you must have full coverage insurance. Contact your insurance company if you are unsure of your coverage. 

Q. Can I rent a truck or AWD vehicle?
A. Yes - McGee Toyota of Claremont rents both AWD vehicles and trucks. Currently, we have AWD Toyota RAV4s and Tacomas available to rent. Soon, we will also have AWD Prius and Sienna vehicles available to rent. 

Q. Do I have to be a McGee Toyota of Claremont customer to Rent a Toyota?
A. No - you do not have to be an existing McGee Toyota of Claremont customer to rent a Toyota from us.  

Q. Do you offer hourly rentals?
A. Yes - we offer hourly rentals for up to 4 hours at a time with prices as low as $3.00 per hour. Any vehicle that is rented hourly for more than 4 hours will be charged as a daily rental. Click here to see our full rental offerings and pricing. 

Q. When can I pick up or drop off my rental?
A. We offer after hours drop off for your rental; however, the vehicle must be picked up during regular business hours. Speak with our Rental Coordinator for specific pick up and drop off requirements.  

Q. Can I have pets in the rental vehicle?
A. Unfortunately, no. All of our rental vehicles are smoke free and pet fee. We do have an additional cleaning fee for those vehicles returned after smoking occurred or if pets were present in the vehicle. 

Q. What are the mileage limits to Rent a Toyota?
A. All of our rentals come with 200 daily miles. For example, if you rent a vehicle for two days you are allowed up to 400 miles and each mile thereafter will be charged at a rate of $.15/mile. If you need a vehicle with a greater mileage limit, please speak with our Rental Coordinator. 

Q. Do I have to pay for my own gas?
A. Yes - all of our vehicles are delivered with a full tank and need to be returned with a full tank of gas. If vehicles are not returned with a full tank of gas, a charge of $4.00 per gallon will be added to the rental fee.

Q. Is there tax on a Rent a Toyota from McGee Toyota of Claremont?
A. Yes. There is a 9% New Hampshire state tax that is not included in our pricing and is the customer's responsibility at check out. 

Q. Do you offer corporate or local business discounts?
A. Yes - we do partner with local companies! If you're looking for a vehicle for a corporate retreat, to send employees to training, or for a quick work road trip - McGee Toyota of Claremont has you covered. Please speak with our Rental Coordinator to discuss your specific needs and how we can help!  


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