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Keep Up with Your Routine Toyota Maintenance and Services

Our Service Center at McGee Toyota of Claremont is your local vehicle maintenance and repair shop in Claremont, NH. Our technicians provide superior services because they have a ton of experience and are factory trained. No one knows your Toyota as well as our technicians, who work with every make and model from our popular brand day in and day out. When you want to keep your Toyota running as it should for decades, our team helps you keep up with all your factory-recommended maintenance items to preserve the value of your investment and instill confidence in the reliability of your vehicle. Let the experts handle all your maintenance and repairs for peace of mind and a stress-free vehicle ownership experience.

Longevity Starts with Routine Oil Changes

Routine oil changes are one of the frequent maintenance items our team members perform on Toyota models and other brands daily. Every conventional gas vehicle requires regular oil changes to keep all the engine components running smoothly. Engine oil builds up sediments and degrades over time, so it's important to swap out dirty oil with a fresh batch and change out the filters. We use premium synthetic oils so you can go longer between oil changes, and your engine continues to perform at its best.

Recommended Schedule for Toyota Vehicle Oil Services

Most new Toyota models require routine oil changes every 10,000 miles with top-offs, inspections, and tire rotations around every 5,000 miles. You can find your recommended maintenance schedule in your owner's manual, but our team is also a line of support to find all the necessary services for your particular make and model. Even if you didn't purchase your vehicle from us or if it's another brand altogether, our team is highly knowledgeable and can work with you to let you know how often you need maintenance and work around your schedule to set all your appointments.

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Comprehensive Tire Services

Tires are an important safety item on your vehicle and need frequent maintenance and attention. New Hampshire drivers know to check their tires by doing a quick visual check every time they get behind the wheel to ensure nothing has happened to their tires between driving sessions. Many factors can cause changes in your tires like the weather, road conditions, and driving habits. Some drivers tend to wear their tread out faster than others! When it's time to perform tire replacements, rotations, or alignments, our team is ready to perform all your tire maintenance and repair services. If you notice your tires are worn, low, have punctures, or have other issues, our team can take a look and provide solutions.

Keep Your Vehicle Equipped with Toyota-Approved Tires

Our Service Center is fully equipped to satisfy all your tire needs. We carry the most common sizes for our Toyota models and other brands. When you purchase tires from us, we will ensure they are the perfect fit for your vehicle and are properly balanced.

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Stay Safe with Brake Services

As the vehicle owner, you are the first line of defense to address any issues with your vehicle before they become major (and expensive) problems. Many vehicles have a "squeak alert" when the brake pads start to wear out. The squeak indicates that your rotors are taking the brunt of the stopping action. If you are hearing sounds or your brakes aren't responding as well as they used to, you can ask our service center for an appointment to address brake issues as soon as possible. Your safety depends on it! Our technicians will ensure your brakes are in the proper shape to keep you safe on the roads.

Tackle New England Winters with Seasonal Services

Here in Claremont, NH, we experience uniquely tough winter seasons that can be incredibly harsh on our vehicles. We can help guard your vehicle against common winter problems and perform seasonal maintenance to prepare your car to weather subzero temperatures and challenging road conditions.

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Professional Vehicle Services
at McGee Toyota of Claremont

Conveniently schedule all your maintenance and repair needs with our team in the service department. We are your partner in ensuring the reliability of your vehicle for years to come!

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Oil & Filter Change

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Tire Rotation


Rotate Your Tires Every 5,000 Miles for Optimal Wear

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Four Wheel Alignment

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Alignments are crucial to ensuring that you get the longest life out of your tires.

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All Accessories

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Battery Inspection


or $20 Off A New Battery

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